We offer a full range of practical workshops for individuals and teams, designed to equip health professionals and students with the tools to improve their practice and build resilience and flexibility.

Our courses help staff to adjust to new roles or positions at transition points in their careers and support teams through structural changes – developing resilience to better manage the uncertainty that occurs during these periods.

We create bespoke training courses geared towards the particular needs of your speciality or discipline, drawing on the skills listed below:


Developing strength, stamina, self-awareness and strategies for self care before, during and after work.


Learning to embrace responsibilities with confidence, provide direction and create conditions for success.

Situational & Spatial Awareness

Examining the ways in which we use space and equipment and how this affects the experience of the patient.

Verbal Communication

Understanding the importance of the language we use as well as the quality of voice, such as tone, volume and pitch, using two way and closed loop communication.

Non-Verbal Communication

Encouraging awareness of how our own physicality impacts on others in the ways we move, look and touch.

Appreciation of the Person

Understanding different perspectives, appreciating personal narratives and recognising unconscious bias.


Understanding the different roles within a team, advocating for the needs of our teams and understanding the pressures on other teams.


Delivery style and format

Our practical hands-on workshops are led by prominent theatre practitioners and visual artists. These facilitators are highly experienced in working in health and social care environments and across sectors – offering personalised feedback and a range of strategies that can be immediately applied in workplaces, and shared across teams. Training can include a wide range of practical exercises ranging from movement work and voice coaching to forum theatre, anatomical drawing and photography.

Our courses range from two-hour long taster sessions to one or two-day courses, intensive one or two-week courses, or longer programmes where we meet participants once a week for several weeks. We also have a residency model, working with a specific team or ward over an extended period of time.

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