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Make Yourself Heard (London)

19 April 2017 6pm - 8.30pm
SaIL Centre, St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1 7EH

Good communication is not just about what you say but how you say it. Through this practical workshops you will gain an understanding of how to use your voice effectively to communicate more clearly.

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Moving Bodies, Moving Minds (London)

9 May 2017 6pm - 8.30pm
The Warehouse, 13 Theed Street, London SE1 8ST

An evening of conversation bringing together people working in psychiatry, dance and theatre to discuss how movement & dance interventions have improved clinical outcomes of people accessing mental health services.

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Circle of Care (London)

22 June 2017 6pm - 8.30pm
SaIL Centre, St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1 7EH

In this practical workshop participants will be introduced to The Circle of Care, a framework to help healthcare professionals think about, practise and demonstrate high quality compassionate care.

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The Anatomy Season, 2011

Closing the Gap

14 July 2017 9am - 5pm
Royal College of Physicians, London

Course about mediating conflict between healthcare professionals and patients. For more information visit our event page.