Foundation Year Doctors

Performing Medicine works with Foundational Year doctors to develop skills that are essential to clinical practice, supporting the challenging transition from medical student to ward-based doctor with considerable responsibilities.

Courses focus on medical leadership and teamwork, presentation skills, self-care and reflective practice.

We currently deliver a one-day training course for FY doctors at Royal United Hospitals Bath. We are also piloting a course at Queen’s Hospital and King George Hospital in Essex in collaboration with the North East Thames Foundational School, supported by Health Education England.

Click here for information on our new series of three one-day workshops for FY1s

‘A really interesting, brilliant day! Makes you think about a lot of aspects of work you don’t normally consider: how you present yourself, body language. Think all members of hospital teams should do it. Thank you.’

Course participant, Royal Hospital Bath

‘This lesson allowed me to use self-criticism in a positive way that allows me to better myself. It also allowed me to realize the fine tuning in communication skills that makes a difference between a good doctor and an excellent doctor.’

Course participant, Royal Hospital Bath

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Foundational Year Doctors

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