Performing Medicine is committed to building an evidence base for arts-based learning in medical education and clinical settings. We aim to disseminate our research widely, connecting with other arts organisations, artists and medical institutions working in this field to demonstrate the positive impact of this work, and ultimately to affect change in the delivery of care. Below is a list of articles, features and  research written about our work.

Arts-based Learning for a Circle of Care

Willson, Suzy & Peter Jaye. Lancet 390 (2017)

The actors teaching NHS staff a better bedside manner

Sturgis, India. The Telegraph, 8 February 2016.

Special Issue: On Medicine

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Clod Ensemble: Performing Medicine

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Arts-Based Learning in Medical Education

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The Effectiveness of Arts Interventions in Medical Education

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The Uses of Arts in Medical Training

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Drama for Doctors

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A Menopausal Gentleman: The Solo Performances of Peggy Shaw, ed. by Jill Dolan (Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2011)

Photograph by Manuel Vason

Photograph by Manuel Vason

The doctor will dance for you now

Winship, Lyndsey. The Guardian, 2 November 2014.