Performing Medicine provides workshops and courses to medical students as part of the undergraduate medical curriculum at Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and King’s College London.

Students are introduced to a variety of skills, ideas and processes including physical awareness, resilience, teamwork, voice skills and appreciation of difference and diversity.

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Courses and workshops are offered at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry as a compulsory element of the enhanced curriculum across years one to five. We also offer a range of intensive Selected Study Modules including Medicine and Photography and Anatomical Art.

The Performing Medicine project at Barts and The London has been a fantastic addition to our curriculum spanning a range of inputs and adding a dimension of learning that is evident when you take part yourself and also when you watch students’ responses. The activities are engaging the students not only with their thought processes but also with their emotions and in some instances with their physical bodies too.

Professor Annie Cushing, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Performing Medicine is currently running an Academic Support Programme (ASP) at King’s Medical School, for returning third and fourth year students. This is a compulsory course developed in collaboration with faculty at the medical school. The programme integrates arts-based learning activities that address areas such as non-verbal communication, voice, teamwork, reflective practice, power and status, care and compassion and difference, with sessions run by the medical faculty on learning styles, effective history taking, and application of clinical knowledge.

‘I’m the type of guy that’s like go down the pub, lift some weights [….] like this is so not my scene, but actually it was really good for me. It just opened my mind up to a whole ‘nother side that I’d never really explored. What really helped me was that everything we do is related to medicine. […] So you could see the value in everything you do.’

Year 4 Medical Student

‘Just by changing certain things about yourself, your posture… people react to you differently.. the patients, the doctors. I definitely felt that…I am sure that I’m a lot better in how I come across now… for the first time, I had: “this patient would definitely want to see this doctor again”, which I hadn’t had before.’

Year 4 Medical Student, ASP participant