Anatomical Drawing

There is a long-standing relationship between the study of anatomy and art.

Performing Medicine offers classes in anatomical drawing and sculpture within medical schools and to the general public. At Barts and The London Medical School, artist Sarah Simblet worked with the Anatomy Department to offer an Anatomical Art course to students — a unique opportunity to study the surface anatomy of the head, neck, torso and limbs, using prosections, works of art, and practical drawing lessons, The course explored how drawing can be used to look at, make sense of, memorise and explain to others the principal anatomical structures of the human body, to help build students general knowledge of surface anatomy and to offer an alternative method of revision.

For our Anatomical Drawing Day at the Hunterian Museum,London, Sarah was joined by Anatomist and Editor of Gray’s Anatomy, Susan Standring for an investigation of the skeleton.

You can watch a clip of Sarah in action at the National Gallery here.