Anurag Markande Corpore Perfecto

As part of the Medicine and Photography Student Selected Component at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (2012), Anurag Markande wrote about the story behind one of his images and the relationship between art and anatomy, which inspired his project.

‘The cold subterranean damp encapsulates my skin: the footsteps of people ahead in the distance gradually die out. A few tungsten light bulbs cast an ominous shadow on the walls of human remains. Undeterred. My mother, rather excitedly points to the different parts of the bones telling me, a would-be medical student, the rudiments of anatomy. Since my childhood my mother, a doctor and art enthusiast had kindled these interests in me. Medical anatomy, visual art, these two danced on the stage in front of me. Was it a tango or a solo piece?

The catacombs of Paris, for me, were indeed a tango — a celebration of death and the anatomy of decay. Since their opening in 1810, the mausoleum built with the bones of plague victims — their inglorious end making a final piece de resistance. A merging of two oceans? Or perhaps the point before their divergence?’

Anurag Markande