Movement and Health

Central to the Performing Medicine is an investigation into the value of movement in helping us to understand the human body. Our work considers how the way we move profoundly effects our relationship to ourselves, to others and to our environment; how illness affects our movement and subsequently a patient’s sense of identity.

We aim to deepen students’ understanding of the anatomy of the human body by exploring a variety of movement techniques often found in dance and theatre training (including Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Kung Fu, Body in Mind Mindfulness, Yoga).

We are also interested in the application of movement techniques within health settings (such as stroke rehabilitation or psychiatry) and aim to demystify some of the fears of working with people whose movement range is affected by disability or illness.

Students are also encouraged to reflect on how a movement practice can improve clinical communication skills — enhancing presentation, confidence, well-being, concentration or coordination.