Inside Information: Voice

The Inside Information: Voice workshop was a collaboration with Cardiff University’s School of Medicine as part of the Anatomy Season 2013. The workshop was in three parts: examining real anatomical specimens with Dr Tracey Wilkinson; experiencing a simulation of an emergency procedure on the thorax; and a lecture on the voice with Ros Evans, soprano with the Welsh National Opera.

Students from Cardiff School of Art and Design illustrated the workshop as it happened.

‘This week, I attended the Inside Information workshop. In a very mixed audience that included singers, doctors, and students of art, medicine and drama, we moved around three different sessions all based around the anatomy of the throat.

The first two sessions covered familiar territory — the first was a demonstration of the basic anatomy behind voice production; and the second showed how this anatomy was put into action in a clinical situation in which an acutely ill patient was assessed, managed and intubated.
However, the final session was with an opera singer, who explained how singers used knowledge of anatomy and physiology to guide their technique. I was fascinated by her non-clinical ways of describing anatomy in action ‘sing through the back of your head’ allowing an increased awareness and control over the position of one’s body.

Could learning more about these intuitive descriptions of anatomy, as well as the technical ones we are so used to, teach us new ways of explaining difficult concepts to our patients?’

Sophie Fitzsimmons, Medical Student