Erica Lam My Body and Me

As part of the Medicine and Photography Selected Study Module at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Erica Lam explored the relationship people have to their own bodies.

‘For my portfolio My Body and Me, I have included a series of images that reflect people’s attitudes towards their own bodies. As a fan of theatre and performance art, I have always been fascinated with how the body is used to communicate one’s thoughts and emotions to an audience. I think the body is an incredibly expressive and versatile medium in which the workings of the mind are conveyed, be it intentional or not. I wanted to explore the body’s form, including body language and facial expression as an outlet for one’s personality.

Having people share their attitudes about their bodies made me reflect on how I see my own body and how I treat it. People’s openness about their bodies was very touching and because it was such a revealing process, there were times when I was relieved that we had the camera between us. I think this highlights the powerful nature of photography and how useful it is as medium to express one’s self.

I have arranged my set of photographs in a way that hopefully explores one’s relationship with the body starting at its surface with the physical and superficial, to the invisible workings of the mind and its influence on the body. This exercise has helped shaped my own opinions about my relationship with my body.’

Erica Lam