Performing Medicine at SaIL

This pioneering research and development partnership, between Clod Ensemble’s Performing Medicine project and the Simulation and Interactive Learning Centres (SaIL), will run between 2014-7. The aim of the partnership is to create unique arts-based training programmes designed to enhance care and compassion in healthcare professionals, across King’s Health Partnerships (KHP) and in a range of clinical settings. A series of events for the general public will run alongside the programme, creating opportunities to network and find out more about uses of arts in healthcare and health education.

‘It is difficult to work at the front-line of today’s NHS and to sustain the essential kindness and compassion that is vital to the engagement with sick and vulnerable people… For the frail elderly, traumatised children, those with intellectual disability, dementia or severe mental health problems, and those who repeatedly self-harm either directly or persistently through the abuse of drugs and alcohol, the NHS represents the last vestige of social inclusiveness and solidarity. And yet the staff doing the hard work of enacting that solidarity are subject to a constant stream of criticism, efficiency savings, and instructions to do better. Exposed to precious little kindness themselves, they are nonetheless expected to provide it unstintingly.

Performing Medicine offers a vital opportunities to provide much needed support and the opportunity for growth and reflection to those who face these challenges every working day.’

Iona Heath, Past President of the Royal College of General Practitioners