Dawn Edwards The Whole Picture

A photographic exploration of dyslexia by Dawn Edwards for the Medicine and Photography Student Selected Component at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry (2010).

‘Taking photographs is about experience, both of the photographer and of the person who will come to view the photographs. This experience may not always be pleasurable since photos can disturb and shock as well as appeal to the senses. There is, nonetheless, an emotive response to viewing photographic images. Photographs are a visual means of communication. I called this project ‘The Whole Picture’ because in investigating dyslexia through photography and then printing them out, I came to realise that the limits of my pictures were significant. The edges and borders framed the way I experienced an image, in the same way dyslexia influences my perspective. I have had to learn to limit my expectations and frame my thoughts to enable any coursework to progress. I work best when I can see the whole picture — everything at once — whether it be pictures on a display board or typed pages of an essay printed out and spread around me. I hope through these images the reader may feel and experience my world, the world of the photographer.’

Dawn Edwards