Clod Ensemble Under Glass

Under Glass is a performance which takes place within a collection of glass jars, cabinets and test tubes. At once museum exhibit, gallery and medical laboratory, Under Glass lifts characters out of the hurly burly of everyday life and frames their moments of solitude; examining human beings attempting with varying success to live within their limits

Each vessel contains its own human specimen: a woman in a jam jar, a couple negotiating their space in a bed-like Petri dish, a shy ‘wallflower’ pinned behind a glass panel, a man clockwatching in his office, a woman on the phone in a test tube observing the disintegration of village life. The production integrates visual imagery and choreography with a text by TS Eliot Award-winning poet Alice Oswald, and an original score.

Under Glass is not a romantic piece, but the illumination of its encapsulated human subjects still reveals beauty. It represents one side of a long-running argument about whether probing and understanding things increases or destroys their beauty. Some have sought to oppose art and science suggesting that art proposes contemplation and science deconstruction. But, as Under Glass demonstrates, pulling things apart does not necessarily drain the life out of them.’

Daniel Glaser – Director of Science Gallery, King’s College, London.

Performance History