Creative training programmes for healthcare professionals

Our Offer

Our training is for anyone working in the healthcare sector whether you’re in a clinical or administrative role. We address:

  • Staff Wellbeing
    Self-care, managing stress, support through change, returning to work, and building confidence
  • Compassionate Care
    Relationships with patients, carers, relatives & colleagues, valuing diversity, multi-disciplinary team working in long term conditions and in end of life care
  • Effective Communication
    Working in teams, tackling bullying, speaking up, non-verbal communication, presentation skills, de-escalation, leadership, and working with technology



Training courses include Managing Stress, Self Care, Effective Communication, Team Building and Presentation Skills. Full or half day or short courses for up to 20 people. Designed to allow clinical and non-clinical staff to learn together, or for specific teams.


An active learning experience for staff groups of up to 500. We design a bespoke interactive scenario, drawing on a combination of research and interviews with your staff. Through watching a performance involving team of expert actor-facilitators, staff witness challenging scenarios and are invited to stop the action, respond and modify behaviour to influence outcomes. This technique is well-suited to establishing behaviour change.


We offer consultancy for Higher Education Institutions and healthcare providers on developing creative approaches to healthcare.


We offer professional development for artists and arts organisations working in the healthcare sector.


We deliver keynote presentations or practical workshops at conferences and events; presenting on various themes including compassionate care, self-care and the role of arts in healthcare education


Bespoke programmes co-designed with you to address the specific needs of your staff. Programmes may include training courses, additional one-to-one coaching, forums and drop-in staff wellbeing sessions.

If you or your organisation would like more information on our fee structure, or a chat about how to develop and fund a specific approach to suit your particular needs, please get in touch with Christine Hathway.

For enquiries please contact Olivia Amory, General Manager

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