Circle of Care: A Guide for Experienced Consultants

Waterloo Action Centre
14 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA

Refocus, refresh, revitalise.

  • Are you an experienced consultant who has achieved many of the targets you set yourself at the start of your career?
  • Would you like a space to consider your vision for the next phase of your career?
  • Are you keen to explore new strategies to make work more enjoyable?

This one-day course is for established consultants, who are highly skilled at clinical care, used to managing a team, may have had a senior leadership role, have introduced new methodologies and treatments, and may have had national or international roles in specialist societies, colleges or journals.

This course provides a unique opportunity to reflect, to reconnect with other consultants, and to reset your priorities going forward. Through a series of exercises, you will explore strategies to cope with the physical and mental demands of your role, with ways to maintain enthusiasm, energy and vision for the next stage of your career. Focusing on skills of self-care and communication, you will assess your priorities, values and vision to start to develop a map for the next phase of your practice.

Aims & Objectives

  • Connect with other experienced consultants to share learning and collectively consider your vision, ambitions and purpose for the next phase of your career
  • Explore new ways of having effective conversations, especially focused on learning new ways of influencing your team and other teams.
  • Explore ways to make stronger connections with people at work
  • Develop strategies for physical and mental self-care which will help you thrive at work

Aimed at:

  • Consultants with over 10 years experience

If you have any questions please email or call 020 7749 0555.

This training course is open to consultants at GSTT and free to attend. Book here.

This course is part of the Circle of Care programme, which draws on established methodologies from a range of disciplines to provide education, training and engagement opportunities for staff at GSTT. The courses nurture essential skills to help staff care for themselves, their colleagues, patients and their carers.

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