Creative training programmes for healthcare professionals

Open programme: Presentation Skills

Upper Hall, St. Andrew's
Short Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 8LJ

Practical ways to develop your presentation skills at work


Our half-day Presentation Skills course will explore practical ways to overcome performance anxiety, introducing a range of creative exercises which focus on both verbal and non-verbal elements of communication. If you feel nervous about presenting or feel anxiety is holding you back, or even if you are a confident speaker who is looking to fine-tune your skills, then our course will provide personalised advice and techniques to enable you to thrive in a range of presentation contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build confidence at presenting in front of groups of people
  • Develop your skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication at work
  • Develop strategies for managing feelings of anxiety or nerves around public speaking

Open to healthcare staff and students at all levels: medical, nursing and assistants, AHPs, administrative, managerial and facilities. Book here.

Presentation Skills is part of the Performing Medicine Open Programme, a series of courses open to all healthcare professionals. The courses aim to help staff to nurture and develop skills in communication, confidence and self-care so that they can be in a better, stronger position to care for themselves and others.

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