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Presentation Skills

Live in person (Greenwich, London)

Practical ways to develop your presentation skills at work. Part of Performing Medicine’s Open Programme


Do you blush and mumble when giving a presentation?

Do you speak too quickly or forget vital information under pressure?

Do you ‘um’ and ‘ah’ when asked a difficult question?

Are you afraid of boring everyone when speaking in public?

Our Presentation Skills course will explore simple ways to build confidence and overcome performance anxiety, introducing a range of creative exercises which focus on both verbal and non-verbal elements of communication. It will provide personalised advice and techniques to enable you to thrive in a range of presentation contexts.

Live in person (Greenwich, London)


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills



Thursday 16th December 1.30pm – 4pm

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Our Open Programme

This event is part of Performing Medicine’s Open Programme. We are offering a wide range of workshops and courses that will focus on subjects ranging from managing stress and presentation skills to anatomical art, all led by expert artist practitioners working across movement, voice and sculpture. Explore the rest of the programme.

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