Supporting healthcare professionals through challenging times

British Medical Association

We created and delivered an interactive forum theatre event exploring the triggers and impact of bullying, undermining and harassment at a British Medical Association (BMA) Bullying and Harassment Conference.

Created by drawing on case studies collected by the BMA, as well as interviews with doctors with experiences of bullying, the forum brought to life the different factors that contribute to these behaviours, including bystander silence, hierarchies, and organisational culture. Scenarios were played out by our facilitators and actors, and through discussion with the facilitators and by coaching the performers, participants were able to engage practically with the issues, discussing effective strategies for resolution and influencing the outcome of the scenario.

The 60-minute forum involved three performers and a facilitator, performed to an audience of 200 conference attendees.

Since then, the BMA have commissioned a further Performing Medicine forum on staff mental health.

“Your contribution was hugely appreciated, reflected in
overwhelmingly positive feedback from delegates.”

Anthea Mowat, BMA chair of representative body

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