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This Social Prescribing Day we’re looking back at our workforce development programme, celebrating the impact that’s been made over the four years. 

Since our pilot project in Southwark & Merton in 2020, we have offered our programme across several boroughs in London, including Croydon (2022), Hackney (2022), Enfield (2023), Brent (2023) and Newham (2023).

Across the boroughs we have brought together artists & arts organisations across…

Visual arts, Dance & physical movement, Producers, Facilitators, Libraries & Education, Writing & Storytelling, Theatre and other administration & executive roles, including…

Fine artists, Illustrators, Curators, Photographers, Digital artists, Muralists, Designers, Collage Artists, Fitness coaches, Mindfulness practitioners, Tour and local history walk leads, Dancers, Somatic movement educators, Choreographers, Movement facilitators, Creative producers, Youth producers, Creative facilitators, Music facilitators, Community builders, Library development officers and managers, Arts educators, Community and education coordinators, Lecturers, Writers, Storytellers, Hosts, Theatre managers, Executive directors, Theatre directors, Heads of creative engagement, theatre artists and makers, Company directors, Communications executives, Office assistants, CEOs, Directors, Engagement coordinators, Community participation leads, Communities officers.

As well as individuals across the healthcare sector including…

Social prescribers, Link workers, Community connectors, GPs, Volunteers, Partnership leads, Community suicide prevention hub connectors, Mental health community clinician, Wellbeing team leads, Family and youth support workers, Public Health professionals and leads, Training Hub Programme Managers, Directors of Communities, an Inequalities Fund Manager.


In each setting we have discovered an engaged and resilient workforce, from creative practitioners wanting to enter the space of social prescribing, to link workers who are looking  to provide more arts & culture opportunities for their clients. We’ve watched both groups come together with local authorities to discuss local priorities to build effective collaboration. 


“Art is even more important to health at this time…There is a whole world of healing arts to be explored.” [Artist attendee]

“Excellent, very inspiring. Plenty of food for thought for how I will implement what I’ve learnt to my work, and in my own life.” [Link worker attendee]

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Over the four years we have seen significant progress across the field. We have seen the development of useful tools such as the Creative Health Framework, a wealth of growing evidence through initiatives such at the Social Biobehavioural Research Group, greater involvement and committed change from local authorities, and innovative solutions such as the JOY app to connect social prescribers to the offers around them.

As social prescribing continues to grow, we look forward to supporting the workforce and finding opportunities to assess long term impact. 

If you are interested in our workforce development programme, please enquire at

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