Creative training programmes for healthcare professionals

Performing Medicine delivers creative training programmes for healthcare professionals and students. We address staff wellbeing, compassionate care, effective communication, leadership and teamwork.

Our practical, hands-on workshops are delivered by expert facilitators who draw on techniques from the arts to help healthcare professionals to use their bodies and voices for effective communication, and to better look after themselves and each other.

These courses can be offered online, in person, or as a blended approach to suit you. With 15+ years of experience, our courses are accessible to all who work within healthcare.

Our training focuses on the human side of care, addressing the sector’s most pressing issues.



Courses include Managing Stress, Self Care, Effective Communication, Team Building and Presentation Skills

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For Higher Education Institutions and healthcare providers on developing creative approaches to healthcare

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Keynote presentations or practical workshops at conferences and events related to healthcare

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Including pilot studies, independent impact evaluations, practice-based research and literature reviews.

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If you or your organisation would like more information on our fee structure, or a chat about how to develop and fund a specific approach to suit your particular needs, please get in touch with Christine Hathway, General Manager.

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Good Practice - How we support and look after our Associate Artists

Here @PerformingMed1 Programme Manager Carly Annable-Coop shares ways that we support, value and care for our AAs, to protect their own wellbeing while delivering the best quality work

“It is clear from the results of this survey that racial discrimination is still a major issue within the NHS. It’s a travesty that any healthcare appointment would be based on anything other than ability.”

"Safeguarding all health workers’ mental health is both morally imperative and also vital for sustaining a workable and effective healthcare system at this critical time."

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