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Social Care Today: strategies to support the social care workforce

Written by Carly Annable-Coop, Performing Medicine’s programme manager, Social Care Today has run a feature on social care workers’ wellbeing and arts-based techniques.

Carly speaks about the highly extraordinary and stressful situations that social care teams have been pushed to during the pandemic, and the strain this has placed on staff mental health and wellbeing.

Carly raises the question of how do we ensure social workers are supported and cared for? The main focus of Carly’s article highlights how important it is that social care teams are equipped with the strategies to help them look after themselves in order to support and sustainable health and social care workforce. Carly also signposts readers to Performing Medicine’s free resources to help tap into some of the tried and tested techniques we use to support those working in the health and social care sector.

Carly’s full article is available on Social Care Today.

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