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Published research:  Arts-based approaches to public engagement with research

With a lack of systematic and consolidated learning about how arts-based approaches work in practice and about their effectiveness, a newly published research report helps to respond to this gap in the knowledge base.

The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute at Cambridge University commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a rapid review of the evidence on the use and effectiveness of arts-based approaches for public engagement and research.

As part of this report, to add depth and nuance to the findings from the literature review, experts on arts-based stakeholder engagement were interviewed for the scoping work, including Performing Medicine’s research manager, Bella Eacott.

Bella was interviewed for her expert views and opinions on arts-based engagement approaches, their effectiveness, what influences how well this approach works, and more.  Bella also shared insight into the initiatives that she has been involved with, including what went well and key challenges to arts-based engagement methods.

Find the in-depth report here.

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