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The Telegraph:  interview with Professor Suzy Willson

The Telegraph has published an insightful article on ‘How to cope with the strangeness of wearing full PPE, Ask a puppeteer,’ featuring Performing Medicine’s Professor Suzy Willson.

Suzy explains how during the pandemic it became apparent that staff in the NHS were struggling to meet the new challenges of working with unfamiliar, restrictive PPE, which led to our team transferring the skills and experience of actors to help frontline workers in the NHS.

Will Tuckett, who performed in the stage version of In the Night Garden, and was also one of the experts on hand to provide tips for Performing Medicine’s ‘Coping with PPE’ is also interviewed.  He offers a glimpse into how actors have shared what they’ve learned while in restrictive costumes with NHS staff.

Read more at The Telegraph.


Image – Kneehigh Theatre, who also shared tips as part of the Coping with PPE resource

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