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We’re thrilled and honoured to announce that Performing Medicine has won the Culture Health & Wellbeing Alliance Award for “Practising Well in collaboration with Nicola Naismith”.

A big thank you to the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance for shining a light on the brilliant work of our Associate Artists and the importance of attending to the wellbeing and professional development of artists working in the health sector.

We’d also like to thank all our inspiring Associate Artists from whom we learn so much about practising well. Alongside the whole Performing Medicine team, we must give a special mention to our Programme Manager and lead Associate Artist Carly Annable-Coop. Carly co-designs and delivers much of our programme to medical students and NHS staff, and she is responsible for supporting our Associate Artists.

There’s a lot of research showing that people get burnt out when they are unable to give the care they want to. Performing Medicine tries to remove the obstacles in the way of the flow of care between all people who occupy healthcare settings – nurses, patients/service users, doctors, porters, receptionists, students, radiographers, musicians, cleaners, cooks, estate managers. The first step is about gaining dialogue, which in itself is incredibly complex and labour intensive. You can find out more about how we care for those we work with here.

Lastly, we’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the colleagues and partners who have championed and cared for our work in the NHS, and all those who have been developing the creative health movement over many years, often with little recognition. It’s exciting to see all your work bearing fruit.

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