Creative training programmes for healthcare professionals

Effective Online Communication

12.02.21 - 26.03.21

Join the award-winning Performing Medicine team for a free online workshop to develop skills for effective, respectful and engaging communication.

Many healthcare professionals are working remotely for the first time due to the pandemic – both when attending meetings and consulting with patients. This 75-minute workshop develops skills for effective, respectful and engaging communication to help look after yourself and others.

Led by the award-winning Performing Medicine team.

These sessions are designed for those working in health and social care. They are free to attend but we have limited spaces available.

This course will take place on Zoom. After you register you will be sent a link. Please ensure that you will be in a private space where you can have your camera on for the full session.

Support healthcare professionals through challenging times

The pandemic has disrupted the way we work, with online consultations, social distancing and PPE creating challenges to the way we interact with people in a compassionate way. Our courses help those working in health and social care to develop practical ways to cope with these new constraints, increase their awareness of non-verbal signals and build their confidence to provide person-centred compassionate care at this crucial time.

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